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I am a creative whos looking for opppurtunities to share their creativity. I am hardworking and very meticulous when it come to my work.

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I began my artistic journey in secondary school studying Art up to A Levels. I achieved 3 1s in Art with 1 in Visual Art at CSEC Level and 2 in Art and Design at CAPE level in both units 1 & 2. I studied Art during the pandemic which meant I developed a lot of my skills on my own as there was no access to the hands-on learning needed for art. This forced me to be more creative and out of the box while being very meticulous as there was no one readily available to look over my work.

I am passionate about creating and pushing the boundaries of creativity. My work while studying was very out of the box and conveys the imagery that only I could see in my mind when I get an idea.

I believe that my experiences through my time studying make my approach to creating unique, and allow me to be able to think about projects through a different lens.